yporqué was born in 2007 in Barcelona. The name refers to the question that children ask to no end during their learning age (¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? In English Why? Why? Why?)

The idea of the company comes from three women with different educational backgrounds (design + advertising + psychology), who join their knowledge in order to create a children’s clothes brand that is beyond fashion, appears with a very clear concept: a design that bears in mind those destined to wear the clothes, that is, children.

From the start, the big and differential product of yporqué are the stimulating t-shirts; a piece of clothing that intends to stimulate the five senses of the little ones, incorporating sounds, textures, games or glow-in-the-dark images.

The creativity of yporqué lies basically in the design of each of its garments. It's not in the colors or images but in the reformulation of each pattern in order to transform it into a new design that gives an extra value to the child who wears it.

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